City officials have provided a roadmap for Wilmington's future growth and development for the next decade.

"Strong and safe neighborhoods, healthy and thriving communities, robust local economy, connected city and region and a sustainable and resilient," said City Planning and Development Director Herb Inden laying out the five main goals for Wilmington 2028: A Comprehensive 10-Year Plan for the City's Growth, Development and Priorities.

There was heavy input from residents throughout the process at meetings and online.

Inden says one particular item was brought up by many during the process.

"Safety was a big issue that came out of what we found from the people who participated," said Inden. "So, we're shaping a lot of our strategies around that. We have a neighborhood stabilization program that we've actually started on. It's something that we really want to keep moving on and keep refining."

Breaking down the goals, strong and safe neighborhoods would focus on the physical environment including housing, community character, safety, and open space and recreation.

Healthy and thriving communities would focus on the city's people, community building, health and services.

A robust local economy would focus on cultivating a resilient and diverse economy.

A connected city and region would focus on balanced transportation and mobility across all modes of travel.

And a sustainable and resilient city would focus on city infrastructure and services, resource conservation and climate readiness.

"On the night of my inauguration in January of 2017, I spoke about the importance of working together to set ambitious goals that will inspire us, and about imagining the city as we want it to be and not as it is," said Mayor Mike Purzycki. "This 2028 comprehensive plan embodies those thoughts from two years ago and will set a course that we, and others who will come after us, can follow. This plan will guide future development, and shape where and how public and private investment dollars can be spent to make Wilmington a stronger and more prosperous City over the next decade. I express my appreciation and thanks to all of the citizens who contributed to this plan and to the planning professionals inside and outside of City government who helped get us to this point."

The completed 2028 Comprehensive Plan must now be approved by the City Planning Commission, Wilmington City Council, and the State of Delaware.

The plan can be found here.