Sarah McBride inauguration

Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride was sworn in to office on Tuesday becoming the first openly transgender state senator in the country.

McBride took the oath of office from Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden in front of the Claymont Community Center on January 12, 2021.

McBride's family, supporters, and transgender students attended the outdoor event.

"Well my hope is that we get to a point sooner rather than later where a person's identity is no longer a notable component of their election--that we've diversified the ranks of government and legislatures so much that it's no longer a first, it's no longer a point of news," she said.

"Ultimately, though, I feel a responsibility solely to the residents of this district to do the best job that I can," said McBride. "The only way that I can do justice by the LGBTQ community is to fulfill that responsibility to the residents of this district."

Following the swearing in ceremony, which made McBride the highest-ranking transgender elected official in the nation, the state Senate held its first legislative session of the year virtually.

"First and foremost our priority as a legislature and as a government has to be getting the vaccine out as efficiently and effectively as possible to residents across the state so that we can reopen our economy," said McBride.

McBride said over the coming months and years, the only way to truly recover from the pandemic is to not return to the past, but rather to chart a new path forward.

"To reimagine our world not as it was but as it should and it could be," said McBride.

"That means bringing down the cost of healthcare, that means passing paid family and medical leave so that no one has to give up their income in the face of illness whether they're struggling with COVID or cancer, whether it's a global public health crisis or an individual health crisis.

"That means strengthening our public schools so that every child--no matter their zip code--is able to get a safe and quality education, and it means meeting the historic call for racial justice we've seen with real police and criminal justice reform."

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