DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson will have surgery Tuesday morning with core muscle specialist Dr. William Meyers, according to sources.

It's estimated he will be out about 4-6 weeks.

Jackson met with the specialist Monday afternoon and was told his core muscle injury is now worse than it was when it first happened in Week 2. His abdominal muscle is now completely torn off the bone after he tried to play Sunday against the Bears. It was a minimal tear when it first happened in Week 2. The injury occurred Sunday on the Eagles' opening drive when he was tackled after his only catch. It worsened on the third-down sack on that same drive.

DeSean opted to not have surgery seven weeks ago because it is a really tricky injury. Some players can recover by just rehabbing. Some core muscle surgeries are successful, some aren't. Some players say their injury is worse after surgery. Some players still feel soreness and pain even after surgery.

I'm told DeSean did everything he could in rehab, flying in his trainer multiple times, doing rehab at the NovaCare complex and at home. He was not 100 percent going into the Bears game but he pushed himself and wanted to be back out there for his teammates, especially Carson Wentz. 

I'm told he was so frustrated about not being able to be out there but knew that this could happen.