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Delaware high school athletes can begin summer workouts as early as Monday, July 6, 2020, after the DIAA's reopening plan was approved by the Delaware State Board of Education.

The unanimous vote confirmed the DIAA Board of Director's vote last week to start Delaware in Stage 3 of a three-stage plan that is independent of Governor Carney's Reopening Plan phases.

Beginning on Monday, coaches and athletes are allowed to begin the summer workout schedule that was originally slated to begin on June 15, although COVID-19 symptom screenings will be required.

Locker rooms will be off limits, and athletes are required to report in the proper gear, and are asked to wash their clothing immediately when they get home.

Practices, scrimmages, and competitions are allowed in all DIAA-sanctioned sports with the exceptions of football, boys lacrosse, and wrestling.

In those three sports, a modified practice that meets the Delaware Divisino of Public Health's guidelines will be allowed.

At this point, football has not been permitted by the state, and Governor Carney pointed out at his COVID-19 press conference on Tuesday that he is struggling to find a way that decision could be reversed.

"I don't see how you play it in the pandemic sense, just think about the huddle."

All of the typical DIAA rules on sports schedules remain in place, so if Delaware doesn't decide to go backwards in their DIAA stages, fall practices would begin on Monday, August 17.

There are two other listed stages in the DIAA plan.

Stage 2 would only permit competition in cross country, golf, and individual running and throwing events in track and field, while the other sports, except football, boys lacrosse, and wrestling, could practice. Basketball would be required to practice outdoors.

Stage 1 would only allow outdoor workouts of no more than 10 students at a time, with pods of 5-10 working together during each workout.

The DIAA Board of Directors would hold the power to move Delaware high school sports into different stages, although they cannot be more flexible than the state's standards.

DIAA's plan is also at the discretion of its members' schools, and if a school is forced to go to a virtual environment or close due to COVID-19, sports would have to be immediately suspended at that school.

There has been no determination of what would make up a Stage 4, which would presumably allow competition in the high-risk sports of football, wrestling, and boys lacrosse.