Middletown 2021

3A Football Champion Middletown has forfeited more than half its season for using an ineligible player.

Middletown Principal Amanda Conley told WDEL via email that the school self-reported the losses, after it "recently learned that an academically ineligible player was included on the roster during the regular season."

The player was not identified.

Middletown's first marking period ended on November 5, 2021, likely marking the point the player could have become eligible, although she did not explain why Middletown only recently learned about the grade situation near the time the third marking period ended.

According to Middletown's official sports website, the school's results for their first seven games were switched to "0-1" losses, the official score for forfeits.

The final regular season win against Hodgson, and their three playoff victories, including the inaugural 3A DIAA Championship win over Smyrna are still listed.

WDEL asked Middletown officials if the school would be vacating its title. They  only responded:

"We are waiting for next steps from DIAA, and this item is on the April board agenda."

In a statement to WDEL from Alison May, the DIAA said only:

"This matter is under review by DIAA."

Finishing with a 1-7 regular season record would normally guarantee a team could not win a state championship, but 3A football held an open tournament in 2021, meaning the Cavaliers still would have made the field, but would not have been the No. 2 seed, but likely the 10th, had they declared the forfeits in a timely manner.

The next DIAA Board of Directors meeting is set for April 14, 2022.