Delaware State Police are still looking for answers two weeks after a standoff at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery left an Elkton, Maryland, couple and their shooter dead.

On May 8, gunfire broke the silence in the area of Glasgow, just north of the Summit Bridge.

Dozens of officers tried to track down Sheldon Francis of Middletown, ultimately getting into a firefight in the woods between the cemetery and Brennan Estates, leaving their armored BearCat with plenty of broken glass.

"This piece of equipment--without it--I think things would have ended differently for our troopers that day," said Delaware State Police Major Danny Meadows at Troop 2 on Thursday.

What Delaware State Police are still struggling with is Francis' motive. 

Police confirmed that Francis was killed by police and did not take his own life, but now they're hoping they can find someone who can sort out why he chose to kill to kill Paul and Lidia Marino, and no one else at the cemetery.

"We have no indication at all that he was targeting these two victims," said State Police Captain Peter Sawyer.

Paul Marino recently laid his parents to rest at the same cemetery where they were killed.

"My parents loved everybody; everybody loved them. They knew everybody. There isn't anybody that they didn't know that they would cook food or do things for."

Delaware State Police said they plan to keep investigating to determine a motive.

"We would like to know why for the family, they deserve that closure," said Sawyer.

Paul Marino said his family is struggling with the sudden loss of his loved ones.

"Call your parents, call your mom and dad, talk to them every day, because you never know when it will be their last day."