After complaints from those in the community about conditions at Plummer Corrections Center, State Representative Melissa Minor-Brown visited the facility and said she's satisfied with the actions that have been taken.

"There is air in certain areas of the facility, Warden Evans is doing a great job right now being an advocate for the people that are there and so are the officers," said Minor Brown.

The issue was air conditioning, or the lack of it, but Minor-Brown told WDEL she learned more about the center after visiting.

"The housing units have never had air conditioning," said Minor-Brown. "There is a building that does have air conditioning and during the day everyone who is not working a lot of people are out working there are few folks that are still at the Plummer Center, and they're encouraged to come over into that space, where there's air and there's recreational space for them to use the library or watch TV or games or whatever you want to do."

Minor-Brown said other measures have been taken.

"They have increased showers, they have water stations throughout the facility, and they've also trained staff [the recognize the] signs of heat exhaustion so as I walked through the facility not many people were in the housing unit for those that where I stopped and I asked," said Minor-Brown.

The answers she received were that they chose to stay in the housing units in the heat. Minor-Brown added the air conditioning situation is a conversation that will continue.