carney 5-29

Officials issued guidance Friday regarding the permission for summer camps, summer schools, and playgrounds in the First State to play a role in Phase II of Delaware's reopening. 

In order for summer camps to reopen, they must develop written plans for enforcing social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and other basic public health precautions in light of the subsiding crisis caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19. 

"[Organizations must] keep the cohorts limited to 15 children, [plus] staff, and then keep those cohorts together, as opposed to mixing larger numbers of children together to make contact tracing a little bit more difficult, and to limit the potential for spread," said Governor John Carney during his bi-weekly update on Delaware's status during the pandemic.

The Division of Public Health hadn't yet issued guidance on children wearing masks, but officials did stress children 2 years old or younger should avoid facemasks altogether due to risk of suffocation.

Playgrounds were a separate matter. 

"A lot of the playgrounds themselves, we're still working out," Carney said. "We would recommend that they stay closed. I know that in our meetings and conversations with the mayors, they'd like that to be a consistent policy when that's recommended so that they don't have everybody coming to the playground in their town or their neighborhood." 

Sports could also see a reintroduction to what is permissible, but only for non-contact gatherings.

"Youth sports is something that we're working on increasingly; no-contact sports," Carney said. "Physical activities for children may resume. strict social distancing, groups limited to 10, coaches and staff must wear face coverings, no competition. This is an area of concern, obviously; some sports are safer than others. We just need to work through this and will continue to do that."