Visitation preparations SCI.jpg

Visitation booth at Sussex Correctional Instution

Just days after visitation was restarted in Delaware's prisons, it's already been suspended at Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown following three new cases of COVID-19 that were discovered at the prison in recent days.

The Delaware Department of Correction said an asymptomatic inmate contracted COVID-19 in the community before arriving at the facility last week. They learned in the intake process he had close contact with a COVID-19 patient in the community.

Another positive test was received on June 29 from an inmate who had recently transferred from SCI to Morris Community Corrections Center.

Both inmates were transferred to the James T. Vaughn Correction Center's COVID-19 Treatment Center.

A third inmate tested positive while at a local hospital, where they remain.

As a result, SCI has suspended all in-person visitation that had just resumed this week, but visits will still be allowed at other Delaware prisons.

Delaware has had 144 inmates contract COVID-19, with seven deaths.