DPH lab

The Georgetown/Ellendale/Millsboro corridor in Sussex County saw a record spike in novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases, according to data released by the state Sunday.

Sussex County, as a whole, gained 311 newly-confirmed COVID-19 cases on April 26, 2020, pushing the county's total to 1,801, surpassing New Castle County's 1,599 total for the first time. New Castle County gained 94 cases of COVID-19 while Kent County has 625, gaining 46 cases.

Overall cases of coronavirus in the state soared to 4,034, up 458 cases from the day prior.

In addition, eight more people have died from the coronavirus in Delaware Sunday, bringing the death toll to 120.

The most recent deaths involve persons with underlying health conditions, ranging in age from 52 to 87. Three were females and five were males. Three were New Castle County residents, four were Kent County residents, and one was a Sussex County resident. Four individuals were residents of long-term care facilities, according to DPH.

Hospitalizations stand at 317, an increase of 17 persons.

At least 911 people have recovered from the disease--that's up 102 from Saturday's total, and the number of people who've tested negative is 15,215--up nearly 1,100.

"A serious situation" in Sussex County 

Last week, Governor John Carney announced the state was partnering with downstate employers and health care providers and hospitals to expand testing at  various chicken processing plants in central Sussex County. 

At his news conference Friday, he called the alarming number of cases in Sussex "a serious situation." While he couldn't say with certainty how many workers at chicken processing plants tested positive for COVID-19, he said:  "It's very high."

Those were also the areas with the biggest increases on Sunday, according to the Delaware Division of Public Health. While the state doesn't give specific data per zip-code yet, the dashboard shows the per capita race for Georgetown's 19947 rose from 202.7 to 264.3, while Ellendale's 19941 vaulted from 207.5 to 257.2.

The race data shows the Hispanic/Latino Sussex County population itself has seen 166 new cases since Friday to 508.  Forty-five percent of the known race cases in Sussex County are now in that category.

That group also has far and away the highest per capita COVID-19 rates, with 253.2 of every 10,000 people. Non-Hispanic Blacks in Sussex County are next at 82.2, while Non-Hispanic White Sussex County rests at 17.5.