Rehoboth Beach COVID-19

DNREC has issued a recreational swimming advisory for Rehoboth Beach following an elevated testing sample for bacteria was discovered at Rehoboth Avenue Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

Thursday's sample registered 231 enterococcoi colonies/100ml, the average for that location over the past year is is 9, and tested at 5 on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement, DNREC said the test was likely caused by the heavy rain that fell Tuesday night, with the source likely coming from either the rain or wildlife feeding near the surf.

DNREC's Recreational Water Program staff collected another sample, and the results will be available on Friday afternoon, or extended. The beach at Rehoboth Avenue is not closed, and the advisory is just for the local area, tests at Queen Street and Virginia Avenue both came out below advisory levels.

DNREC’s Recreational Water Program staff is collecting another water sample, with results from it available Friday afternoon, at which time a decision will be made to lift the current recreational swimming advisory or to extend it. Ocean beach swimming advisories usually can be ended after a day or so.