Photo courtesy Tim Furlong/NBC10 News

An investment by a local private school is getting kids more enthusiastic about learning, as well as giving them a break from constant mask-wearing.

Greenville's Tatnall School is using part of its huge campus for outdoor classrooms with tree stumps for chairs.

There are still masks, spacing and hand sanitizer, but there are also things like ropes courses where kids can learn about physics and teamwork, and the outdoor classes are a great way to bond with other students, said freshman Ivy Qualls.

"In the building, we have to stay with certain people, but out here, they gave us different groups, and we all got to...I got to meet two new girls...that I've never met before this year," said Qualls.

Head of School Dr. Andy Martire said the outdoor classrooms have been "immensely important" for Tatnall as it begins the new school year.