Derrick & Dominique Pringle

Derrick & Dominique Pringle

Dominique Pringle sums up her husband's battle with coronavirus in one word: terrifying.

Dominique told NBC10 she hasn't seen her husband since he went to Christiana Hospital on March 21.

It all started with a little cough, but eventually Derrick Pringle had to go onto a ventilator.

"We are both 33, we have been together since high school," Dominique said. I thought I was losing my best friend. That's exactly how I felt like everything was over."

Dominique is a nurse, so they knew with their three daughters to aggressively hand-wash and take the other CDC-described precautions to stay healthy, even before the stay-at-home orders hit.

Derrick is a truck driver, and was otherwise healthy, but then suddenly he wasn't, and Dominique wants people to know they could easily be next.

"We have to take this seriously, or it's going to get worse. People think like it can't happen to them, like it can only happen to old people, and that's just not the case at all."

The good news is Derrick appears to be getting better, and Dominique said after the close call there's a hope he could come home soon.

She had a message for him to his hospital room.

"I'm so proud of you. You have been so strong and calm during everything you went through."

As of late Wednesday night, 160 of Delaware's 368 laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test results were scattered in the 18-49 year-old age range, with Derrick being one of the 51 who have been hospitalized in Delaware.

Dominique hopes with this wake up call, those numbers will begin to flatten out soon, and the terror she experienced won't be spread to others.