Our important stories from the previous week included political dramatics in Wilmington, a community crying foul of social services in their neighborhood, highlighting the life-saving work of an Elsmere police officer, and a family raising a child with autism left hanging. 

In two political stories out of Wilmington last week, from DJ McAneny and Mark Fowser on the heels of a former city council president being indicted on profiteering charges, the current president has a dissenting voice in attendance at a city council meeting arrested:  

Sean Greene provides more political coverage in the Bear area as a community gathers to express frustration on what they painted as tight-lipped transformation of an area property into a rehabilitation center: 

An Elsmere police officer managed to save not one, not two, but three lives over the course of one harrowing shift facing down the horrors of opioid addiction, in this coverage from Mike Phillips

Amy Cherry brings us the story of a family raising a child with autism said the social program they rely on for after-school care--the respite program--was suddenly stripped from them, and they didn't find out until their child was suddenly left at school one day: