A light show on the Wilmington Riverfront

A light show on the Wilmington Riverfront

The parking lot behind the centerfield wall at Frawley Stadium will be lit up at night as The Grand hosts Wilmington's first drive-through light show.

"Winter in Wilmington Light Show" is a roughly 12-minute drive that takes you through thousands of lights honoring the images of the season, including Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa displays.

Mark Fields, Executive Director of The Grand, said it was a way for his group to continue to connect with the community, as shows at their theatres continue to be suspended due to the pandemic.

"As we came into winter and knew a lot of other activities wouldn't be possible, this was a way that we thought that the city and everyone really needs, a little festivity and bright light for the holidays."

The Grand hosted drive-in concerts and movies at the Riverfront during the warmer months, and they tried to take ideas from displays from throughout the country.

"A smile and a little bit of joy. It's been a terrible year for a lot of people, for some more than others. It's a way for us to bring a little bit of happiness into other people's lives."

The "Winter in Wilmington Light Show" is $25 per car, and there will be a soundtrack you can listen to featuring artists who have performed at the Grand as you twist and turn your way through the course. 

"We're trying not to give away the surprise, but there's a Wilmington landmark at the end of the show that will be familiar to a lot of people."

You must purchase tickets in advance for a specific date and time window at The Grand's website.