Dover Speedway vaccine 1

Seniors in Delaware have one last chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine before demand intensifies greatly.

This weekend, Delawareans 65 and older who either live or work in the state can sign up to get their first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Dover International Speedway Friday through Sunday. Seniors who haven't yet signed up for the state's waiting list, can do so by clicking here.

This will be the final invitiation for seniors who've already signed up on the state's waiting list before the state opens up vaccinations more sidely.

Approximately, 2,600 appointments remained at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

"This is your last best chance. If you are on the wait list, please take advantage of one of our invitiation now while it's easier for you, and you're getting a direct invitiation," Dr. Karyl Rattay, director of the Division of Public Health urged.

Rattay said as many as 86,000 seniors from the state's 136,000-person waiting list were inoculated at state-sponsored vaccine clinics. They suspect, though, the number of total seniors vaccinated is much higher.

"We know that there's a number of those individuals that we don't show them in our system as having vaccine [but] when we call them they say that they've been vaccinated, so we're trying to, essentially, manually clean that up so that we know who's been vaccinated and who hasn't," she said.

She said every individual on the waiting list has received two invitations in the last week to be inoculated.

"We're not seeing a lot of individuals on that wait list signing up; it really has sled down a lot, and that's a good indication for us that individuals on the wait list have mostly taken advantage of vaccination," she said.

Photo identification will be required for proof of age at this weekend's vaccination clinic. Those under the age of 65 who make an appointment will be turned away.

This last effort comes as the state prepares to open its waiting list up to Delawareans ages 50 and older on Monday, March 23, 2021. In the interim, those 50 and older can now make appointments to be vaccinated at area pharmacies.

Delawareans ages 16-64 with certain health conditions can be get vaccinated by their medical provider. If their medical provider is not a vaccinator, they've been instructed to refer their patient to a health care system for vaccination. For a list of health conditions that qualify one for vaccination, click here.

The weekend event will also vaccinate frontline and other essential employees who are being signed up via outreach directly to employers, and the event will provide second doses to teachers and childcare workers who received a first dose at Dover Speedway in February. These employment-based appointments are being made through a separate link.