Kate Gantner makes 'The Wilmington'

Katie Gantner shaves cinnamon onto "The Wilmington" that she created with Fazal Vandal (left) for a contest to create a drink to be named after Delaware's largest city.

The drinking world includes the Manhattan, the Boston Rum Punch, and the Moscow Mule, but nothing named after Delaware's biggest city, until now.

Inspired by a Wilm Today contest to create a drink mixed with Aviation Gin to be known as "The Wilmington", Kate Gantner said she teamed up with Fazal Vandal and used one of Delaware's classic fruits.

"Some of my greatest memories during the summer are getting peaches from the farmer's market down the street from me, so I knew we wanted to do some kind of peach-inspired cocktail variation."

Their drink mixed 1.5 oz. of gin, with 1 oz. of lemon guide, .75 oz. of peach infused simple syrup, but Gantner said it was still missing something.

"I tried the Aviation Peach and Lemon and it seemed a little too bright and needed something to ground it, so we decided [shaved] cinnamon on top, and 'The Wilmington' was born."

The contest also included a People's Choice category, which went to "Bar Chief" Jasmine Rochester, who called back to when she worked at a bar in Old New Castle.

"Separation Day is our Fourth of July in Delaware. us being the only place you can get an alcoholic beverage from, I really wanted to make memorable drinks, and I think that's what I did that day."

Her drink includes 2 oz. of gin, 1.5 oz. rosemary lavender syrup, 1 oz. fresh lemon juice, and tonic soda.

State Senator Sarah McBride, who dedicated the drink, said, "to me, this competition represents the exciting creativity of Wilmington."

The Wilmington is expected to be added to the menu of several city bars and taverns in the upcoming days.

Will it become as popular as a Manhattan? Time will tell.