Carney Trump

State officials declined President Donald Trump's request for members of Delaware's National Guard to dispatch to Washington, D.C., to quell protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. 

On Tuesday, Governor John Carney's office responded to Trump's claims Delaware would be among five states where troops were ordered to help push out protesters filling the streets of D.C. The response to that request is as follows: 

"Governor Carney takes his job as commander-in-chief of the Delaware National Guard extremely seriously, and always seriously considers requests for Guard assistance from other jurisdictions. In the last several years, Delaware National Guardsmen and women have assisted the people of Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico in coping with natural disasters. Members of the Delaware Guard also continue to serve overseas to keep us safe.

"Yesterday, we received a request for Guard assistance in Washington, from the federal government. The mission of our Guardsmen and women in Washington was not at all clear. Sending members out of state also limits the Guard’s ability to manage situations in Delaware - including their current role in our COVID-19 response.

"And frankly the rhetoric out of the White House seemed like it had the potential to provoke additional unrest. For those reasons, the Governor was not comfortable with members of the Delaware Guard assisting in the response. Delaware is not sending members of the Guard to Washington at this time. The Governor’s team also has spoken with Mayor Bowser’s office and the Mayor’s office has not requested additional assistance."

On Tuesday, Carney called Trump out for his lack of an ability to lead, particularly during a heated exchange on a weekly conference call with the country's governors. 

"The President went on right away and ripped into the governors pretty hard about the decisions they were making for protective measures on the streets of their various states," he said. "I just thought that it wasn't what we needed at the national level, at that juncture. We needed somebody that would show more support for the states and the very difficult decisions that governors and local officials need to make. They're looking for a leader who is going to try to tone things down, and take some of the steam out, and get everybody to be calm and relaxed--as opposed to language that seems to add heat to the situation."