There was a single new death reported by Delaware's public health officials Thursday as "active" COVID-19 cases and total hospitalizations again decreased day-to-day, and full recoveries surpassed the 5,000 mark. 

According to the Division of Public Health, 1,380 new test results reported May 28, 2020, saw a 75-case increase in cumulatively reported positive novel coronavirus cases for a total of 9,171, representing less than 6% on positive returns. 

A new death meant total fatalities attributed to the virus rose to 345. The most recent death announced Thursday was an 86-year-old female long-term care resident from Sussex County. Sixty-five percent of deaths in Delaware from COVID-19 have been in long-term care centers while 89 percent of deaths have involved underlying health conditions.

New recoveries reaching 1 01 meant there were now more than 5,010 fully healthy individuals while active cases decreased 27 to 3,816. 

By county, increases broke down to 47 in New Castle for a total of 3,575, 18 in Kent for 1,392, and 11 in Sussex for 4,151. 

Total hospitalizations decreased by four to 192. Of those, 35 were listed as critically ill, a decrease of one person from the day prior.

Negative tests increased 1,305 to 47,630.