Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki OpenGov

Mayor Mike Purzycki demonstrates how to use the OpenGov information portal at a news conference in Wilmington

In an effort to improve transparency for residents, Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki Wednesday unveiled a new data-sharing portal called OpenGov

Accessible from WilmigntonDE.gov, members of the public will be able to view current and historical financial reports and review narratives from city departments regarding their respective capital projects, the city said during the announcement. 

“OpenGov provides enormous benefits to our government and for the people of Wilmington,” said Purzycki in a release. “Our efforts to become a more efficient and accountable government will be assisted by citizens knowing more about the inner-workings of their government. OpenGov makes greater citizen involvement possible by making more information available about budgets, capital projects and how spending is tied to strategic goals. Citizens should have the opportunity to develop more informed opinions about government policies, laws, programs, and services. We have moved into a new age of information sharing in Wilmington and that’s how it should be.” 


The $27,000 public platform was purchased by the administration in 2018, and its compilation of raw data creates charts, graphs, maps, and tools that better help citizens understand the goals of their local government. It should also provide insight for internal decision-making regarding policy or financial allocations. 

OpenGov will allow visitors to review information relating to: 

  • Capital Projects Overview
  • Department of Public Works Capital Projects Overview
  • Department of Public Works General Capital Projects
  • Department of Public Works Water/Sewer Capital Projects
  • Department of Parks & Recreation Capital Projects Overview
  • Department of Parks & Recreation Summary of Active Capital Projects
  • William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center (WHACC) Renovations
  • Eden Park Renovation
  • Rodney Square Renovation
  • Urban Artists Exchange
  • Other Capital Projects
  • General Fund – Revenues vs. Expenditures
  • General Fund – Budgeted vs. Actual Expenditures
  • General Fund – Breakdown of Expenditures
  • General Fund – Breakdown of Revenues
  • Water/Sewer Fund – Revenues vs. Expenditures
  • Water/Sewer Fund – Budgeted vs. Actual Expenditures
  • Water/Sewer Fund – Breakdown of Expenditures
  • Water/Sewer Fund – Breakdown of Revenues

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