Collectors coin series honors Delaware astronomer - scientists

Who was Annie Jump Cannon?

Her contributions to astronomy and science are getting new recognition now that a silhouette of the Dover woman appears on a US Mint coin. It's part of a series that honors American innovation.

Annie Jump Cannon was born and educated in Dover. She is credited with developing the Harvard Classification Scheme, a system of organizing and classifying stars.

"She helped women gain acceptance and respect within the scientific community and really laid the groundwork for future female astronomers," Todd Martin of the US Mint said.

Martin added that each of the states as well as several US territories and the District of Columbia will be consulted about who to recognize in the coin series. Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia are part of the initial American Innovation 2019 $1 Coin Proof Set

"I love the way it turned out," artist Donna Weaver said about the final design.

The coins could technically be spent, but Martin said they are more for collection. 

They also could spark further discussion and education.

"I think it will be a good jumping-off point for parents and teachers who want to talk to children about innovation, and I think it will be well regarded by collectors in the numismatic community," Martin said.