President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden claimed decisive victories in Delaware's first Presidential Primary largely conducted through a vote-by-mail absentee system.

Trump received 88.0% of the Republican votes, easily outpacing Rocky De La Fuente's 12.0%. Trump received 7,181 of his ballots through the mail, while 21,508 supporters went to the polls on Tuesday.

Delaware uses a closed primary system, so only voters registered to a party could vote in that primary, and after an emergency order by Governor John Carney, all registered voters received a ballot they could mail in, that had to be received by 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

Biden was even more dominant, as the long-time Delaware U.S. Senator won 89.4% of the Democratic ballots, finishing ahead of Bernie Sanders (7.5%) and Elizabeth Warren (3.1%), who both had already suspended their campaigns, but were still an option for Delaware voters.

Biden collected 41,628 absentee ballots, against 39,728 from day-of machine voters.

In all, 22.8% of Delaware's registered voters participated in the primary, down from 30% of registered Democrats and 38% of Republicans during the 2016 Presidential cycle when the races were still active.

Biden and Trump are widely expected to claim their party's nominations later this summer.

Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm responded to Tuesday's results in a statement: 

"Today, voters sent a clear message that Delaware is Biden Country. And with the First State’s enthusiastic voters and volunteers, we are going to do our part to make America Biden Country this fall.

I want to thank all the elections officials and poll workers who worked hard today and over the previous weeks and months to ensure voting was safe and secure during this unprecedented pandemic. I’m also grateful to the General Assembly and Governor Carney for ensuring that voters won’t have to choose between their health and their voice in this year’s elections. To those who voted at polling places today or previously via absentee ballot, thank you for your commitment to our democracy. 

We are now just six weeks from the day on which Vice President Biden will formally become our Party’s nominee, and less than four months away from the most important election of our lifetimes. The time is now, however, for Democrats and all Americans of goodwill to unify and do our part to help elect leaders like Joe Biden – leaders who will restore sanity, dignity, and promise to this great country we love."