University of Delaware Football

University of Delaware athletes have begun a modified conditioning season, as COVID-19 continues to be looming around the Newark campus.

The University of Delaware said 36 of their over 600 student-athletes who returned to campus over the past two weeks have tested positive for COVID-19.

Those positive cases are being handled according to University of Delaware protocols, which includes being placed in quarantine, with a UD Head Team Physician or Chief Medical Officer beginning contact tracing to prevent any possible spread.

UD said they will be testing 25% of their student-athletes, coaches, and administrators every Monday and Wednesday.

The University of Delaware has reported 75 students overall have new cases of COVID-19 positives since September 9.

The university has not been providing information on the total amount of tests, whether the cases are symptomatic or symptomatic, or if any have required hospitalization. Numbers include students on-campus, and known cases in the surrounding off-campus community.

UD athletes are initially working in small groups with one of the school's strength and conditioning coaches, with the hope full team activities can resume late this fall. Athletes are being required to wear masks, matching the state protocol which is also being followed by the DIAA.