University of Delaware generic

A local pundit weighed in on Delaware's U.S. Senate primary.

University of Delaware political science professor Paul Brewer compared Democrat challenger Jessica Scarane, who lost to Chris Coons, to another Democrat who ran unsuccessfully against Delaware's other Senator in 2018.

"Scarane was a more progressive challenger, in the mold of Kerri Evelyn Harris from two years back, who challenged Tom Carper, so--Harris two years ago got about a third of the vote, so a substantial amount for a progressive challenger to an incumbent, but on the other hand, not a close race either," said Brewer.

Coons, the incumbent, cruised to a win over Scarane, with 73 percent of the vote.

In the Republican primary between GOP-backed Jim DeMartino and Lauren Witzke, Brewer was watching the difference in the vote tally between machine votes and absentee ballots before the final tally was recorded.

"In the absentee ballots, DeMartino is leading Witzke by about...almost 2,500 votes, but she's ahead of him in machine votes by not quite a two-to-one margin, but a really substantial margin, so it seems like there's some interesting patterns going on there," said Brewer.

The initial vote totals seemed to point to a win for DeMartino, but in the end, Witzke won easily, 56 to 43 percent.