University of Delaware overhead drone shot

The University of Delaware is planning a 5% tuition hike for the upcoming 2023-24 school year, its biggest boost in over a decade.

In-State tuition would jump to $14,040, with out-of-state students paying $37,680 annually, if the budget passed by the Board of Trustees gets the expected revenue from the Delaware legislature over the next two months.

The boosts come on the heels of a 3% increase last year, and a 2% jump going into 2021-22, after the school held tuition costs steady for two school years.

The 5% rise also applies to the truncated winter and summer sessions, along with graduate classes.

Residence hall rates are also expected to rise by 5%, while meal plans are looking at a 9% increase.

Mandatory fees, including ones covering the Student Center and Student Wellbeing, will hold steady.

The tuition rise is the highest for the school since a 7% increase going into the 2011-12 term, which at the time brought in-state tuition up to $9,670, with out-of-state costs at $25,940.

The University of Delaware is planning to have a $1.235 billion budget for the upcoming school year.