The University of Delaware transferred a pick up truck worth of supplies to the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) on Monday morning, March 23, 2020.

University Director of Emergency Management Mark Seifert said the administration put out the word for staff to scour the campus for items that would be valuable to health care providers in Delaware as they deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

"N95 masks, gloves, we have Purell hand sanitizer, Saranax [chemically resistant] suits, gowns," said Seifert. "All the things that some other states are experiencing some shortages in, we're trying to get ahead of things and be proactive and work with our partner and supply that from the university."

Seifert said many of the items were at the school's research labs.

"Obviously to keep themselves safe during their research operations they use these products," said Seifert. "We're not going to be using those products in the near term so why not put them back to the folks on the front lines who really need these materials."

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