Garfield PAL girls room

At the Garfield Park Police Athletic League, girls need some space to call their own.

"Boys have a game room, and girls barely even get in there," according to Ariana.

She was among a group of girls who took part in a ribbon-cutting at the refurbished girls-only room at the PAL Thursday, October 10, 2019.

Officer Mary McGrath noticed during a visit that girls weren't using the space that was dedicated to them.

"They told me that there's nothing for us to do in there," McGrath said.

"And, it was really messy," Ariana added.

McGrath and her fellow officer Corey Nicholson went about transforming the space. They obtained donated materials and utilized a grant from New Castle County government to paint the walls pink, put in comfy couches and cushions, install a large-screen TV and - most importantly - give the girls something to do.

Saile said she's looking forward to "some dances, watching movies, playing games, playing with some of my friends...a whole bunch of stuff."

"It's a place they can call theirs. They know they can go in, and a boy is not allowed in there," Nicholson said.

"They're always getting on girls' nerves," according to Journie.

To see the reactions as the girls scampered around the room made it all worthwhile, according to McGrath.

"It just reaffirms that they're actually going to use it, they're more than grateful for it. It definitely feels really good."