dog up for adoption at BVSPCA

dog up for adoption at BVSPCA

If you have ever tried to get your pet to sit still for a photo, think about trying to do it with a bunch of dogs and cats at a shelter.

A student field trip Wednesday had a special goal: get as many of these pets adopted as possible.

(speaking in the video: William Penn High School Junior Hannah Jones, William Penn High School Media Instructor Gary Phillips, William Penn High School Animal Science Instructor Karen Ferrucci)

Students from William Penn High School in the Colonial School District journeyed to Brandywine Valley SPCA on Churchmans Road to interact with the dogs and cats. Animal Science students handled and exercised the dogs and cats, while media students with cameras in hand tried to get just the right photos and video clips.

Before the assignment, they got some tips from SPCA staff about how to get the most appealing photo.

"If you look at the personality and you see that a dog is more hyper and more excited, you just let it roam around, throw your camera in sports mode and take photos of the dog running around and having a good time," junior Hannah Jones said. "You don't want to really sit the dog down because that's not who the dog is. The dog likes to have fun."

The teams also worked with several cats who are staying at the shelter.

William Penn High School Media Instructor Gary Phillips said it was an important work-based learning opportunity.

"They get to actually go out and do work for clients so that they can take the skills they have learned in the classroom and in our studio and bring them out into the world," Phillips said. "The kids get something they can use in their portfolio to go out either as entrepreneurs or help them gain entry into college."

Animal Science Instructor Karen Ferrucci said the material gathered will be made available for staff to share on social media. Phillips said the media program may work more with the SPCA on developing a commercial or volunteer recruitment project.

"We really have coached our kids to go outside and just have fun with the animals. these animals, they're all great. They are all more than well-deserving of a home," Ferrucci said. 

"I want to take the best photos to show their personality," Jones said. 

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