ArtsWatch: Could the next star come out of a Wilmington creative studio?

Several floors of a downtown Wilmington building are devoted to sparking creativity - in music, video, performance, social media and other artistic and creative venues.

King Creative at 8th and Market Streets has been open since late 2018. Recently, Mayor Mike Purzycki joined local business leaders and members of the public for a ribbon cutting ceremony and studio tour.

People who are looking to make their mark in music, performance, podcasting, social media and business come for expert guidance in production values, entertainment and content development.

"Kind of our motto is, our story is your story," King Creative co-owner Christopher Bruce said. "We love getting lost in people's worlds, helping them connect to their audiences."

King Creative co-owner Dan Pierce, who grew up in Wilmington, said it's "truly, truly amazing to tell the stories from the people of Wilmington." 

King Creative's relatively easy access to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC also allows it to bring in people from those areas and "kind of infuse some good energy into this city that we love." He added that they are part of a revitalized downtown Wilmington scene, one that could indeed produce a future star.

"That's pretty exciting," Bruce said.

Reporter - Anchor

Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.