Joe Biden talks family, grief and hope during UD book tour discussion

Joe Biden spoke Thursday at the University of Delaware

Vice President Joe Biden is usually shown nothing but love in his home state of Delaware.

But during a Sunday night stop on his Biden's American Promise Tour to promote his book Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose at the Grand Theater in Wilmington, Biden had at least one hater in the crowd.  

While Biden was talking about sexual assault, a Twitter video that surfaced of question being asked: "What about the girls you molested on C-Span at the Senate swearing in?"

The crowd burst into boos, calling the questioner a "scumbag."  

"This is not Trump world," Biden replied.  

"You're not going to answer the question?; don't touch me," shouted PJ in the video as he was being escorted out.

Users on Twitter have repeatedly posted CSPAN videos showing Biden interacting with women.  In some Biden puts his arm around them, in others he doesn't appear to be touching anyone.  


Correction:  A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the heckler as "Mike" on Twitter.  It also referenced "Mike" videotaping the event. That is incorrect. PG Howie (@PGHowie2) on Twitter claims to be the heckler.