Aki Newman addresses the crowd during a candlelight vigil for Jordan Tate

Aki Newman addresses the crowd during a candlelight vigil for Jordan Tate

Friends and family remembered William Penn High School student Jordan Tate Friday night at a candlelight vigil at the fatal crash site.

Dozens lit up the night in Overview Gardens Thursday, out of fondness and love for the 16-year-old girl.

"Jordan's personality impacted everybody," her friend Aki Newman said Friday. "Sometimes you have that person that's mean or bi-polar, but Jordan always kept the same mentality. She had that playful mentality and joyfulness."

Standing near the crash site on Memorial Drive wearing a black shirt with a picture of him with Jordan, Aki said it's a reminder of how much she meant.

"I'm going to always be there for Jordan, no matter what. I'm going to stay close with her family. I'm going to keep all of this going on, I'm going to keep getting new flowers for Jordan, I want to keep New Castle with Jordan's name on it."

Tate was a standout in the William Penn community. She was a member of the ROTC and a senior airman, involved with the drill team, and earned honors for community service.

Three other William Penn High School girls were also injured in the crash; one of the girls faces life-threatening injuries and was flown from the scene in a Delaware State Police helicopter. She remains in critical condition.

"The other two are doing well, and we're glad to hear about that. Our thoughts and prayers, of course, remain with all of the families of the students involved," said Colonial School District spokeswoman Lauren Wilson earlier on Friday.