Glen Mills tornado 110119

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The cleanup continues in the wake of the Halloween tornado across the state line in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, and several residents still don't know when their homes will be ready for them to come back.

Thornbury Township resident Lou Flagiello's home was squarely in the path of the EF-2 twister. 

"It got to a point where things started flying.  I was upstairs when the front window blew out," said Flagiello.

The destruction wrought by the storm has forced Lou and his wife into an extended-stay hotel.

"There's no gas, no electric, and there may be some structural damage," said Flagiello.

This contractor said work crews have a major project on their hands, repairing the damage done by the storm.

"Putting the houses back together, it's six-seven months, something like that--with the amount of damage, some of the houses have to be completely torn down and rebuilt," said the contractor.

This man was among the residents of neighboring communities who came out this weekend to help clean up the area.

"Draggin' shingles, i mean, just large portions of roofs in the path of the tornado, and that thing, this is no joke--everything went down.  The tornado took everything in its path," said the man.

About two dozen homes were damaged by the Thursday twister.


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