ChristianaCare Christiana Care new logo

The largest health system, and private employer, in Delaware has a new name.

From now on, Christiana Care Health System will be known as ChristianaCare as announced by officials Wednesday.

"A new logo based on Delaware’s state flower, the peach blossom, links ChristianaCare’s past, present and future," the company announced in a release. "It symbolizes the organization’s proud origins as well as vitality, longevity, growth and a commitment to health."

The organization released a video detailing their decisions made when updating their look: 

ChristianaCare President and CEO Dr. Janice E. Nevin said in a statement that the rebranding is an attempt to show the system is not just a physical hospital, but an organization embracing medical innovation in order to properly treat residents.

“As we look to the future, we have an opportunity to meet the health needs of the communities we serve much differently than we did in the past. We are reimagining how we deliver care — to deliver health, not just health care, to the people we serve.

“We are on a mission to deliver the right care, at the right place, at the right time for everyone we serve,” she said. “We’re expanding primary care and virtual technologies to make it easy for people to access care where and when they need it. We are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to deeply engage with patients. We’re advancing the frontiers of science through gene editing and precision medicine to help patients today and unlock the potential of an even better tomorrow. We’re innovating and creating new partnerships to address the non-medical needs that affect people’s health, including food security, housing, public safety, education and economic opportunity. And we are embracing value-based payment models that support high-quality care at lower costs. And of course, we continue to deliver hospital care that’s rated among the best in the world for quality and safety. Today is a new day for ChristianaCare, and it calls for a vibrant, new look.”

Along with the rebranding, which includes a new logo and slogan as well, ChristianaCare is hoping to expand its primary care focus and access more virtual technologies that can be used for medical treatment.

“Our new look is a symbol of our promise to those we serve that we will support them throughout their lifelong health journey,” said Drew Fennell, chief communications and experience officer. “It’s also a reflection of our values — love and excellence. We believe that health care is a relationship between human beings, and in the best health care, that relationship is a partnership in which each person feels loved. When we lead with love, excellence follows, and we create the best potential to make an impact on health.”


Information from 24/7 News Source was used in this report.