A Delaware State trooper is using his hoops skills to help forge ties with youth in Wilmington.

Trooper Joshua Harris was recently recorded schooling some local kids on the court at Helen Chambers Park at 6th and Madison streets in Wilmington.

Play-by-play on the now viral video was provided by 4th grader Ra’kir 'Rocky' Allen.

While Morris clearly has game, he said it's not about the basketball.

"It's about breaking that barrier, it's about meeting the community on a common ground."

"Sports is the greatest common ground, where everybody just wants to win. So you bring everybody to that common ground. It breaks that barrier. It let's you see the person for who they are, and from there you build the relationship. So when Rocky sees me, he doesn't see a trooper, he sees Josh in uniform."

At a time when the relationship between law enforcement and the African-American community can be tenuous, Morris says the connection forged on a basketball court can be a key to a better future.

"From there we grow, we build, we have conversations, I do follow-ups, and from there you just let time heal," said Morris.  

In return for the video's online popularity, Trooper Morris gifted Rocky with a pair of Stephen Curry sneakers.

Morris was a multi-sport athlete at Concord High School and then played football for the University of Delaware.

This isn't the first time Morris' step back three has garnered attention.

In 2019, as a Wilmington Police officer, Morris was recorded splashing buckets with youth at Eastlake Park.

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