As ESPN's Stephen A. Smith was announced as Wilmington's official Historically Black Colleges and Universities Ambassador for the city's HBCU Week and College Fair, Smith took the opportunity to make an announcement of his own.

"First Take will be here for HBCU Week live September 20th," said Smith, who plans to bring his daily show on ESPN to the 76ers Fieldhouse.

Smith is a HBCU graduate of Winston Salem State University, and he said the experience of going to college is very important.

"Of course, you want to get your education, that's got to be the number one priority. Of course, you're looking for an opportunity to springboard yourself to another level, but the enjoyment that you get in the process is something they don't talk about in the streets, they don't talk about when you're younge,r and you're just running around, or you're going home every day--that process is everything because everything in life involves a process," said Smith.

The idea for Smith to be involved in Wilmington's HBCU week started when he received the Social Impact Award from Mayor Mike Purzycki at the HBCU Celebration Dinner at the Hotel du Pont.

Wilmington's HBCU week allows local high school students to get the HBCU experience. A college fair, that's part of the event, in the past has resulted in more than 1,000 students receiving full and partial scholarships.

The week also includes a Battle of the Bands, featuring bands from HBCU's on the East Coast entertaining thousands at Frawley Stadium.