Friends of the family involved in the fatal crash at the C&D Canal Sunday hold a candlelight vigil

Friends of the family involved in the fatal crash at the C&D Canal Sunday hold a candlelight vigil outside the First Baptist Church in New Castle on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Friends gathered outside First Baptist Church in New Castle Tuesday night to try to bring comfort to the Lindsey family, still processing Sunday's crash near Middletown.

"You see all of these people surrounding us? That's how you know you have people here who care about you. Many people don't have stuff like this, you've got people who've got you. I love you, bro."

VIDEO: One of Donald Lindsey's teammates tries to lift his spirits during the vigil

Those were the words of one of Donald Lindsey's football teammates during a candlelight vigil for Donald's two brothers and a cousin who died after a crash at the banks of the C&D Canal on Sunday.

Members of the American Youth Football Delmarva program congregated at the edge of a William Penn practice field, looking to bring comfort to the family of Willis Lindsey Jr, his brother Kyree, and their cousin after they were involved in a crash that sent their car into the canal, on their way to a football game.

One of their coaches was Keith Brown, who spoke to the group.

"We've got to support this family. I don't care what it is, or what we do, we have to be there for them."

Coach Brown recounted how he learned about the news of the crash.

"I'm going to tell you all something. I got that phone call, and I ain't never heard anything like that before in my life. It hurt me, and I had to coach a football game after that. I never would have thought in a million years that when I got up that morning that would be a phone call I would get, but I got that phone call. I couldn't say anything to the kids because I knew they would lose it, but me, I had to hold it together on that sideline all day. I haven't been the same, since."

He added the AYF players form their own family, one that is hurting.

"Trey and Donald have been on the same team for four seasons, and I've watched those two grow together, and this man sat in my house and cried to me, and wrote a card to Donald's family, that's how much it hurt Trey."

Another of the Lindsey's coaches is Larry Simpson.

"They're just great people, and everyone is attached to them. When I pulled up tonight, little Donald ran up and said 'Hey Coach!' He is just one tough football player. He said 'Yeah coach, it's rough," and I didn't say anything to him, but I was thinking he's tougher than I thought he was."

Donald's family is still awaiting the results of a dive team's search as they look for his 6-year-old brother Ethan, but Coach Simpson reminded him they won't battle the grief alone.

"Everyone is saying Donald lost three brothers, but he still has a bunch here, alright Donald?"

The vigil concluded with the releasing of red, white, and black star-shaped balloons into the New Castle twilight, after a classic football breakdown.

It's a community still processing Sunday's crash, but one that is doing so, as a team.

"One, two, three, one team, one dream!"