A former Rockette brought her talents and tutelage to the young dancers at a Bellefonte studio on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Eileen Grace, who not only danced with the world famous group for eight years but also served as director and choreographer at Radio City Music Hall, visited The Anna Marie Dance Studio on Philadelphia Pike to teach precision dance.

She was there at the request of her friend Angela with whom she trained when they danced in New York.

Grace shared more than just her dance moves.

"Tell some fun stories about my experiences. What an amazing time it was in my life to be a Rockette."

She says today's dancers have a myriad of resources available on the web as they prepare.

"I tell them there's so much out there that you can study what you're going to go audition for, the people you are auditioning for. Look at what kind of styles of their choreography so you're more prepped for an audition than back in my day when we didn't have that."

Teaching the classes takes her back to her early days in the studio.

"It's fun to watch them and watch their enthusiasm, and to be able to pass on all of the experience I've had."

And she's even a fan of made-for-TV dance competitions.

"I think it's great that they are all out there because it's inspiring so many people to get up and move."

Grace allowed this slightly overweight and out-of-shape reporter to join in for a few kicks. Other than my timing, my balance and my coordination, I wasn't that bad.

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