UrbanPromise Camp

About 400 Wilmington children concluded six weeks of summer camp fun Friday with a raucous send-off near Newark.

They sang. They danced. They performed skits. And, they celebrated the bonds and friendships created during the UrbanPromise summer camps.

The non-profit, now about 20 years old, offered the camp activities at no charge to the families.

"It's fun," camper Jeremiah said. The feeling was echoed by Jordan, who especially enjoyed dodge ball.

Camp activities were also interspersed with Bible teachings at the six locations. Some of the team leaders, like Kenny Frazier, were once campers themselves.

"I wanted to take a change to give back with everything I learned. It's important to other kids, the same as me," Frazier said.

Some become "street leaders" who help to run the summer camps as well as after school activities offered by UrbanPromise, UrbanPromise School and UrbanPromise Academy.

Another camp leader, Bryce Dixon, said he noticed changes for the better in several youngsters.

"Their attitudes, the way they go about looking at life, it changes over six weeks," Dixon said. "It's amazing to watch, really."