Is the Delabear back? 

We may never know, but a black bear was sighted in Heritage Park neighborhood in Milltown Sunday, according to a listener/reader who sent photos in to WDEL.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources said it received a report of a bear sighting Saturday morning near All Saints Cemetery in Pike Creek.

DNREC police were unable to locate the bear.

There's no way to know whether this is the same bear who led emergency officials on a chase for several days last year. The beloved Delabear was last sighted roaming around Wilmington and Brandywine Hundred in December of 2019.

A bear was also sighted across the state line in Delaware County Monday, according to video posted to Upper Chichester Township Police's Facebook page. Again, it's unclear whether this is the same bear.

Black bear populations within neighboring states of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have expanded over the past several decades. As a result, it is not unusual for a bear find its way into Delaware.