McKean Football

Welcome in to WDEL's Top Plays of the Fall for the 2018-19 campaign.

Plenty to choose from and it was a historic Fall season for our high school athletes.

A disclaimer of sorts, this is the best of the best, stripped of most sentimental value and for the sake of sportsmanship, we tried to limit each school to just one spot on the roster.

HM - John Ngatia Kariuki will break open a kick return of epic proportions. This game against Hodgson, this may have been the Jags' only points, but Kariuki just makes it look not one, but too good.

HM - Red Lion's Jacob Pancake is going to make a splash on this play as St. Andrews thinks they've got a simple run up the middle--think again. Pancake strips and will eventually rumble his way back into the endzone for six.

10 - St. Mark's and DMA and the Seahawks almost get away with one. There's a bounce downfield and Devon Jones will make the big grab, just inches off the grass tips for the big pick. Refs confirm the I-N-T.

9 - Sydney Keld getting it done in all phases for the Caravel Academy Buccaneers and this game was no different. First shot will come at the end of a coast-to-coast effort as she slides the ball into the net. Second effort, going the other way off the inbound--Keld slaps this one to kingdom come and that's how Keld makes all those honor lists.

8 - Freshman Brett Kwoka makes a huge block against DMA with Archmere's season heading in the right direction. DiRenzo recovers for a touchdown but the big kid will be something scary for the next three years.

7 - Delcastle on the pitch and Saul Robles Lomeli is going to break some ankles on this one. Just a few yards out but it's control one way, shoot the other and it's on the list.

6 - DMA on the right side of a highlight--Kendal Murphy makes a stunning dig facing a Matheny strike and the Seahawks put it away on the back end, in style.

5 - It was a great year to be a Highlander and this play won't even reach the endzone, but the effort was there. Aaron Lewis is going to step up and make the Moss-like grab but DeVon Taylor is coming out of nowhere to make sure he'll get some extra. Big block sends two Yellow Jackets out of the way and McKean picks up the win.

4 - Another team with a big campaign, First State Military. Bulldogs will go with their version of the Philly Special and Treyvon McCray will touchdown in the endzone for the score when the trickery is all said and done.

3 - Salesianum Soccer is at it again. Ben Strine sends it up for Andrew Blackwell and it will be John Leonard smashing it from above the grass for the epic goal.

2 - Friends was behind 18 in the Division II championship in Newark and needed a big play. Enter a third string quarterback and Steven Williams, who makes the NFL-rule catch and extra effort. Debatable if that ends over the line, but the highlight is more than worthy of the list.

1 - Top play of the fall is a flawlessly executed gadget. Hodgson's CJ Henry to Elizjah Lewis and the following bomb finds Kam'Ryn Thomas on 3rd and 24. He'll go all the way and the Silver Eagles may have fallen in the postseason, but they've won top play of the Fall.

Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back in full force for the winter season with basketball, wrestling, ice hockey and much more.

Now, more than ever, we'll need your help to get the best plays in the reel, so don't be shy--we are always welcoming viewer submissions.

WDEL's jack of many trades, Kevin is a hybrid news/sports reporter and anchor. On top of being the Education reporter for your trusted source for news, Kevin is a USMC veteran, Camden County College and Temple University journalism alumni.