Hodgson Football

Welcome into Delaware's top plays of the week where if you've got a weird mascot, we're all in.

Sean Greene had the play by play call in the honorable mention with auctioneer speed and off to the list we go.

10 - Friends and Indian River on the Field hockey pitch,--Quakers' Rosaleen Cochran slaps one that'll defy copyright laws with that itty-bitty 'ting.'

9 - Gabe Puzzangara hits Cole Mettenheimer for a glorious strike, part f the last Sals home game at Baynard until at least 2020.

8 - Archmere's Sydney Niumataiwalu with a beautiful back set to feed Julie Kochie and the Auks are were on to the finals.

7 - Back to the big sticks, Indian River's Jess Rybicki puts one in towards Emma Ruley and Brynn McCabe is there to finish it off.

6 - Middletown and Hodgson for all the Flight A marbles. A defensive bout and somehow only 2 defensive turnovers and this the latter of them-- Esaias Guthrie manages to get his feet back inbounds with the ball after picking off CJ Henry.

5 - Other side of the ball, Hodgson had just taken their only lead of the game when they pulled the Silver Eagle special. Hale to Thomas to Lewis to solidify the lead and the Flight A title.

4 - The girls from Claymont again and Hannah Wright make the fantastic dig that'll allow Julie Kochie to put this where UA won't be able to return.

3 - Independent Conference on the line and Friends looking to the air. Tower Hill's DJ Scott says no way and picks off the Quakers, alas, Friends still takes the game and the conference title. 

2 - Indian River's Allyson Clark makes a monster save to help the advance in the state tourney.

1 - Top play goes to the Champs of Flight A. The winning touchdown ends up being CJ Henry running the 'shake and bake' past the Cavaliers on his way to securing the top seed in the DIAA state tourney.

Tournaments are in full swing or wrapping up. If you've got a gold medal play from the sidelines or the stands, hit us up for a viewer submission.

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