Protexus Wand

The Protexus Wand is in use in the Colonial School District

A wave of the wand replaces much of the scrubbing and wiping needed to keep classrooms clean in the Colonial School District.

Sure, all facilities need the regular deep clean. But in the middle of a harsh cold and flu season and the growing coronavirus crisis, the district now has gotten its hands on several Protexus Wands.

They resemble the sort of weapon one of the Star Wars stormtroopers might use. They "mist" droplets into the air that settle onto desks and other surfaces and disinfect them.

"The traditional way was to spray disinfectant onto the surface. It had to sit five to ten minutes to be effective, and then it had to be wiped down," Colonial School District Facilities Supervisor Ted Lambert said.

The new method seems to save time and is believed to be more effective. The device can also be used on school buses, and if needed then can be used during school hours.

"If the nurses know of a high absent rate or a child that was sick in a classroom, we will go into that classroom that day after the students go out and we'll hit the room with disinfectant," Lambert added.

The Colonial School District currently has nine of the wands. It would like to acquire more, but there is currently a backlog of orders possibly related to the coronavirus scare.

In the meantime, teachers such as Kimberly Mancini at Wilbur Elementary School are pleased with the results.

"It smells great, too. It smelled nice and clean when I walked in there when he was done."

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Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.