Jaycees Christmas Parade

Cab Calloway Marching Band

The 55th annual Wilmington Jaycees Christmas Parade beat out any oncoming rain for a brisk but enjoyable stroll down Market Street to Rodney Square.

Thousands lined the downtown route and were picking up candy, recording the memories with their cellular devices and taking in the entertainment.

Among the participants were marching bands, dance schools, floats, and more.

A special position for a world-class athlete was filled.

"I am here to be the grand marshall," said world champion gymnast Morgan Hurd, 17, of Middletown--who's transportation almost cost her the title. "We had some car troubles, we ran out of gas and we got a flat tire."

Although she arrived in the 11th hour, Hurd made her way above the canal in order to sit atop a Bonneville convertible and wave to cheering Delawareans with her metals draped around her neck.

Not prominently featured was a 28 year tradition for the Wilmington holiday parade.

"I've been in this parade every year since 1989," said Suzanne Muldowney, who was dressed up like the famous TV cartoon character, Underdog.  

Muldowney noted that she has been in the parade game with her homemade costume for some time now and has always tried to fill her holiday weekend with events.

"This weekend, as far as parades go, I'll be here and in Bridgeton--those are the only two," she added. "Going back, there would sometimes be four or five in a weekend, but I had to quit a few of them due to an abominable problem with heckling spectators. It's not as bad here as it's been in other cities."

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