Novel coronavirus COVID-19

While upcoming protests dominated the governor's biweekly coronavirus news conference, the governor noted he saw "good signs" since Phase 1 of the rolling reopening began this week.

Hospitalizations continue to drop despite increased testing and a gradual reopening of the economy. 

"Amazingly, our current hospitalization rate continues to decline, which demonstrates an improving situation in terms of the overall health and diminishing seriousness of the illness," he said. "And that's a very positive thing, particularly as we open up sectors of our economy...We're doing a whole lot more testing, so we're going to find more cases. But the percentage of the people [testing positive] is continuously going down...Another indicator that gives us a level of comfort that the community has gotten healthier, and that we can move to reopen part of our economy."

He requested protesters, who are planning to gather in the coming days anywhere in the state, to do so while keeping in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much a real and present threat, despite positive trends, and that gathering restrictions be followed as closely as possible 

"If you're assembling today or on other days across our country, across our state, for a protest, we have recommend that you wear a face covering," Carney said. "Probably not something law enforcement would always recommend, but in the case of this pandemic, it's important to practice, to the extent possible, keeping distance from one another and if you have been to an event, you might think about getting tested."

Youth sports were also a focus, and Carney said they've been working hard to balance accessibility with safety. 

"We will have guidance to reopen baseball and softball," the governor said. "It is important to maintain social distancing, refrain from sharing equipment, wiping down surfaces that are touched a lot. Most kids now have their own bats. when I was playing Little League Baseball, we all used the same three or four looks a little different than the baseball that I played as a little leaguer, but it's important than it's done safely to prevent the spread of the virus."

He also suggest kids consider the "outfield, particularly in right field," where there wasn't a ton of activity and "not much happened out there" which would require "a lot of need for social distancing."

He said more information on other sports would be forthcoming.