Hundreds packed Rodney Square Friday night for the Lights for Liberty protest, in advance of scheduled U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in cities across the country over the weekend.  

A passionate Coby Owens, the CEO of the Youth Caucus of America, led a "Shut the Camps" chant at the anti-ICE rally and vigil.

Owens told a story about a 17-year-old from Mexico detained at a facility for seven months.

"And while she was in that facility, she had to make the decision every single day, whether she would have sex with the guards, or if she would eat or have water that day," said Owens. "That is unjust, that is un-American, and that is inhumane."

Tania Hernandez Orozco is a Dreamer and among the speakers at the even.

"Seeing so much support is like a breath of fresh air of hope," said Orozco.

Some had signs saying "Stop the raids," and others had messages that aim to stop separating families among while some were just anti-ICE.

"For anyone in this country who thinks that immigrating is evil or a crime, I'm going to show you that person is a hypocrite because every person in his country, if they are not native or indigenous to the Americas, they got here through immigration," said Madinah Wilson-Anton.