If you're in the market for a "real" Christmas tree, this is the last year you'll be able to get one at Hickman's Tree Farm in Smyrna.

Owner Bill Hickman told NBC10 after years of growing trees and eventually cutting them down, it's become too much work for a guy his age, and his kids now have their own careers.

He'll let wholesalers cut down the remaining trees the next two winters, and then let someone else grow other crops on the land.

He'll miss decades' worth of customers.

"I'll miss the people, 'cause a lot of 'em have been coming here for close to 40 years, and we put that sign up on the barn, and they say, 'well gosh, we've been coming 38, 36, whatever, and yeah, you miss them, but everything changes," said Hickman.

After 40 years, Hickman's will close its retail business at 5 PM December 23rd.