Students and staff at Middletown High School rallied around the flagpole to raise their Freedom Flag as part of a ceremony to mark 9-11.

Middletown police and firefighters from the area were on-hand to commemorate the moment.

In 2017, Appoquinmink School District became the first school district in Delaware to raise the Freedom Flag.  The flag is now flown below the U.S. flag on 9-11 as a unique reminder to future generations to remember the victims, heroes and survivors of the terrorist attack in New York City.

Retired Chief Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force Michael Conway helped organize the event along with his ROTC students.

"I don't have one student in all my classes that was born during that time frame. I have to put them in perspective to understand what life was like before that day and that why things are the way they are today is because of what happened in 2001.

"And get them to understand that all the security we go through at the airports and when we go to Washington to the museums and other places is all because of 9/11."

Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Caroline Christy admits, it is difficult to remember what you weren't here for.

"As the years went on and people really started talking about it, it really hit me that this is a big tragedy that happened. It's nice we show respect for it even though we weren't born when it happened."

Cadet Captain Kira Gaskins who read a prayer, said she was thinking about the fear her Mom must have felt in 2001 while pregnant with her.

She said it was hard not to cry, "Especially with the first responders here and active duty."

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