Robot Restaurant near Newark

Step into the future at a new restaurant in the Newark area.

Robots named Shirley and Cali show you to your seat and show up with your food. It's a first-of-its-kind restaurant at Robot Captain Crabs Seafood Cajun Seafood and Bar on Kirkwood Highway outside Newark.

John Soysil, the restaurant's general manager said the response has been largely positive.

"They're like amazed, they've never seen it. Word's traveled now, the place is getting really packed," said Soysil. "Some people are OK with it, some people are not, but when you explain what they do, they're making life easier on the servers, then they seem to be OK with it."

Once the robot delivers your food, you can tap its head to send it back to work.

"It's interesting--I think it's the future and we might as well start getting used to it," laughed Cheryl Cain of Elkton, Maryland. "They're very friendly, I'm open to's something different."

But it doesn't always work perfectly.

"If there's an error, it's a human error--we may punch the wrong table number. Sometimes both of the robots might be going to the same way, going into the same direction, and they'll just say to each other; 'Please get out of my way, I must go back to work,' and that's when we have to split 'em up.

Colin McShane of Oxford, Pennsylvania, came for the food and was surprised to see robots.

"It's been entertaining," he said. "It stunned me, it actually did. I've seen similar things in airports, but never serving food.

But he expects to see more of it in the future.

"It's probably a novelty right now, but it'll progress."

Soysil said if concept is successful, they'll open a second location.