The Brandywine Valley SPCA was already expecting 90 animals to arrive on Saturday as part of a regular flight from Louisiana when they got a call for help from weather ravaged Texas.

"When we got the call late last week to help out in Texas we knew we had to step up and help out," said Linda Torelli from the Brandywine Valley SPCA. "So we've got 125 animals that are coming in."

Those dogs and cats arrived via two separate flights on Sunday, February 21, 2021, at Georgetown and in New Castle County.

Eighty-nine dogs and cats were on board a plane that arrived around 7:30 p.m. at Wilmington Airport.

"Those animals are going to be split between all of our campuses," said Torelli.

"The Louisiana animals went to our West Chester campus, they started becoming available for adoption [Sunday]. All of the Texas animals are going to distribute across our Delaware shelters, and they'll start becoming available on Tuesday."

Torelli said the animals from Texas were already in shelters which were having problems related to the weather.

"When we get into any emergency rescue situation we want to make sure that animals that get out during that crisis situation still stay in the local area," said Torelli.

"So these shelters have provisions. They're keeping local stray animals local. These are animals that were in the shelter before all these difficulties hit." 

The plane that brought the animals from Louisiana also had special cargo heading back to Texas.

"Our community really amazes me, our folks step up every time," said Torelli.

"We had a request come in from one of the Texas shelters, they really needed linens [blankets, towels, sheets] to help keep their animals warm. We only gave the folks overnight to get linens to us. We were able to fill a plane going back down to Texas with over two-thousand pounds of linens. It was incredible."

For more information about how you can provide a forever home to one of these animals visit the Brandywine Valley SPCA web site.

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