The secret to being a business superstar? It starts with basics

The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Superstars in Business luncheon was held Wednesday at The Hotel du Pont in Wilmington

Treat your employees right, they'll treat their customers right.

That's the culture that drives at least one of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce's Superstars in Business.

Another honoree said he was driven by the desire to always do better than the day before.

"Most people know that, take care of your employees and they'll take care of your customers," Ferris Home Improvements Founder "Reds" Ferris said about the culture behind the company that he founded in his parents' basement. 

Ferris added this: they're always hiring.

"I like people that are hungry, that want to work, that want to join a winning team," Ferris said.

The Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business awards recognized businesses with between 1 and 150 employees as well as a nonprofit organization.

The Marvin S. Gilman Bowl, kept a secret until the very end of Wednesday's program at The Hotel du Pont, was presented to E. Thomas Harvey III, Chairman and CEO of Harvey Hanna and Associates. 

Harvey said he was constantly driven to discover "what can I make, what can I do, what could I find that will make us be better than we were yesterday."

The Superstars in Business Awards are in their 21st year. Delaware State Chamber of Commerce President Michael Quaranta said applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation.

"These are people who are very creative. They've got interesting business models. These are our creators of jobs for men and women around the state," Quaranta said.

The 2020 Superstars in Business nominations season starts in May.

This year's recipients:

-Exceptional Care for Children, Inc. (Nonprofit)

-Bumpers & Company, Certified Public Accountants (1-24 employees)

-Ferris Home Improvements (25-59 employees)

-Assurance Media, LLC (60-150 employees)